Wellness Workshops at WEF


Well Placed Smile presents:


Preparing for Success- In Mind & Body with Dr. Vickie Woosley


February 23rd, 2016 | 3:30-5:30

$250 per person


Palm Beach International Academy

13421 South Shore Boulevard

Wellington, FL 33414


To become successful at anything in life it is important to first understand what success means to you.


This session will focus on the positive and negatives of self-talk, breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, and perfec­tionism and the way each of these interact with emotion, motivation, and performance. Dr. Woosley will discuss the hallmarks of healthy effort and motivation and the importance of simply just showing up; this can often be enough. The session is interactive and participants will be encouraged to share their own examples and insights about how they think and prepare for success.


You Will Learn:

  • The importance of breathing
  • How to monitor your self-talk
  • To create a pre/post competition plan
  • How to identify what you can and cannot control
  • Techniques to Increase your self-awareness through mindfulness


Who Should Attend?

  • Those who want to tap into the factors that contribute to thriving and well-being
  • Anyone who is involved in preparing someone for a competition (coaches/instructors, players, medical staff, trainers)
  • Competitors looking to transform their fixed mindset to a growth mindset


Vickie Woosley Bio: 


Vickie Woosley, Psy.D., HSP, is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides clinical and performance psychology for Vanderbilt University’s athletic department.


Dr. Woosley has provided mental health care in a variety of settings for amateur, collegiate, semi-professional, and professional athletes. In her role as a psychologist, Dr. Woosley is trained in the applied practice of sport and performance psychology where she works with “elite” performance issues in areas to include sports/athletics, performing arts, high performance occupations (e.g. police/fire), business performance, and positive psychology applications.


Dr. Woosley attained her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at Louisiana Tech University. She completed a Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor program at UCLA, and earned a Masters and Doctorate degree at American School of Professional Psychology. In 2006, Dr. Woosley retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with 21 years of distinguished service.