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Wellington, FL – December 30, 2014 – Kingsland AS, the designer and manufacturer of Kingsland Equestrian apparel and horse gear, is pleased to announce that it has established a U.S. office in Wellington, FL, to be operated by the newly founded company Kingsland Equestrian Inc.

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Previously, Kingsland had nominal presence in the United States through sales from tack shops. However, Kingsland Equestrian Inc. has now employed the help of Mr. Gianluca Caron as the Manager for North and South America, with the U.S. its the key market. Caron, natively Italian, has lived in the U.S. for seven years and has had proven success with introducing and establishing the Parlanti boots brand to the U.S. market. Kingsland now seeks to take advantage of this experience by utilizing Caron and his team to create brand awareness and meet the demands for Kingsland in the U.S. Caron brings with him three experienced team members in Dana Uttal, Mike Forsyth, and Caroline Collado.

As a rider in Europe, I had always worn Kingsland apparel,” Caron stated. “So when I came to the U.S. several years ago with Parlanti, I remember telling my wife that if I were to work for any other brand, it would be Kingsland Equestrian. Now here we are, several years later! Therefore, I am very excited and am looking forward to this new venture. I truly believe now is an opportune time to introduce Kingsland into the U.S. market because I believe Kingsland is the bridge from the classic American equestrian styling with their innovative and modern designs, fit, and fabrics.”

Kingsland has arranged presence at a few U.S. retailers including Beval Saddlery and Equestrian Exceptional, with more retailers to be introduced in the months to come. Opening April 2015, Beval Saddlery will house an in-store ‘Shop-in-Shop’ at three of their stores. Kingsland has opened their own store in Wellington, FL, supplying office facilities and with a show room. A warehouse is already set up in Wellington for supply to the U.S. market. In addition, Kingsland will have a booth at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center through the Winter Equestrian Festival from January to March 2015.

Along with the U.S. tack stores, including the new Equis LLC boutique in Ocala, and their partnership opportunities for ‘Shop-in-Shop’, Kingsland Equestrian Inc.’s strategy to build brand awareness in the U.S. includes e-commerce, a strong social media presence, and a presence at many of the major U.S. horse shows. A new online shop is now up and running as well as a well-established Facebook site with 70,000 followers. New Instagram and Twitter pages have started to cater to the U.S. market – find them @KingslandEqUSA!

U.S. Olympic Show Jumper, Reed Kessler, has been a part of the Kingsland Team for a year already and will be a significant asset for creating more awareness for the brand in the market. Kessler has already delivered great ideas for products for U.S. riders to Mrs. Lin Kingsröd, founder and Brand Manager for Kingsland.


U.S. Olympic show jumper Reed Kessler is a Kingsland Equestrian rider.

U.S. Olympic show jumper Reed Kessler is a Kingsland Equestrian rider.

Kingsland has prepared this re-launch in the USA for more than a year now,” stated Kingsland CEO Carsten Mikkelsen. “We believe that to be successful in the USA, a brand must not only respect and understand the business here, but also be willing to do the initial changes that are required. This includes product development for ‘local must haves’ and good logistic solutions with the quickest possible delivery from manufacture or main warehouse to the U.S. to ensure a ‘value for money’ price point and on time deliveries! The last important task for us was to find local staff that could bring our Scandinavian brand values and our Kingsland company mentality into the U.S., that would be able to make the adjustments needed to be successful without losing our brand identity, and this we believe we have found now. On behalf of our owners and our worldwide staff, we welcome Caron and his team to Kingsland, and we are very excited to get started in the USA together with them.”

For any further information or questions, please contact Mr. Gianluca Caron:, (561) 324 8966
Kingsland Equestrian Inc.
12300 Southshore Blvd, Suite 101
33414 Wellington, Florida, USA

About Kingsland

Kingsland is a Norwegian brand, which has since its creation in 1999, grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equestrian wear and horse gear. Kingsland has a reputation for its subtle blend of classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design. This combination, together with the use of top quality materials, has made Kingsland the favorite brand of many leading riders and equestrian professionals across all disciplines worldwide.

As a brand born from-, and daily run by, avid equestrians, Kingsland’s vision is to maintain the stylish look of rider and horse, although improving the fit and innovating the materials of the garments. This way a Kingsland product can stand the hardest conditions and still make you look fabulous.

Today, fifteen years later, Kingsland is a major sponsor of top ranked riders and prestigious international shows. The brands increasing popularity has led to the development of a whole new range of products, presenting numerous collections a year including an exclusive dressage line and also a wide range of quality casual wear. For more information, please visit