Wellington, FL, – April 10, 2013 – G&C Farm concluded its winter sponsorship season with plenty to celebrate. G&C Farm is eager to congratulate the winners of their sponsored classes, their riders, and family members and acknowledge their success this winter in Florida. G&C Farm was proud to return as presenting sponsor of the iconic $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational and the title sponsor of the $10,000 Leading Rider Bonus at the Live Oak International. During the 2013 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival (FTI WEF), G&C Farm sponsored the $8,000 and $33,000 G&C Farm 1.45m classes, the $10,000 Puissance, and the $75,000 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in addition to being the title sponsor of FTI WEF 8, the CSIO week of circuit. G&C Farm is based in Wellington, FL, and owned by Gustavo and Carolina Mirabal of Venezuela.

“We were so happy to help support the sport this season at three different venues,” said Gustavo Mirabal. “It says a lot about the popularity of our sport, and we were excited to watch and participate in such great events this winter.”

The top three from the 2013 Gene Mische American Invitational presented by G&C Farm: McLain Ward, Reed Kessler, and Sharn Wordley. Photo  © VValenti – The Book LLC. <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –

The $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational presented by G&C Farm was recently hosted on April 6, 2013, at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. McLain Ward became one of three riders to have won the historic class three times when he rode Sagamore Farms’ Rothchild to first place.

The Live Oak International was held March 20-24, 2013 in Ocala, FL, where Rodrigo Pessoa finished third with G&C LaGran in the Live Oak International CSI 2* Grand Prix. G&C Farm was also excited to sponsor the $10,000 G&C Farm Leading Rider Bonus, which was awarded to Todd Minikus.

Juliet W. Reid, Charlotte C. Weber, Mark Bluman of G&C Farm and Chester C. Weber present the G&C Farm Leading Rider Award to Todd Minikus. Photo © Mark Astrom.

G&C Farm Escuderia at FTI WEF

The bulk of G&C Farm’s sponsorship and competition schedule was devoted to the 2013 FTI WEF. G&C Farm horses and riders had several notable finishes, including Rodrigo Pessoa and G&C Atlanta Z, Luis Miguel Martinez and G&C Don Vito, Mark Bluman and G&C Kay LS, and Luis Larrazabal and G&C Sacramento, among others.

Rodrigo Pessoa and G&C LaGran at Live Oak. Photo © Mark Astrom.

Along with Rodrigo Pessoa training the horses, G&C Farm also worked with his father, Nelson Pessoa during the season, and uncle Helio Pessoa.

“We had a great winter with our young horses,” Gustavo remarked. “It’s a rebuilding year and we are excited for the rest of the year and the future of our talented horses. It has been a great match between Rodrigo and G&C Farm. We are making a strong escuderia (team) with young horses, and I believe we will continue to see great results as they get more experience.”

Luis Miguel Martinez and G&C Apollonia. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

Larrazabal and Bluman both represented their home countries (Venezuela and Colombia, respectively) in the FEI Furusiyya Nations Cup competition. Larrazabal and G&C Flash had just four faults in the first round, as did Bluman and G&C Blue. It was a great showing for the young riders’ international team experience.

Mark Bluman and G&C Blue. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

Pessoa and G&C Atlanta Z won the $1,500 Adequan 7 Year Old Young Jumper class and finished second twice during weeks eight and nine of the FTI WEF. Martinez and G&C Don Vito were third in the $1,500 Adequan 5 Year Old Young Jumper class week nine and placed second during weeks one and four. Mark Bluman and G&C Kay LS were first in the $1,500 Adequan 6 Year Old Young Jumper class week nine and were second during week four.

Larrazabal and G&C Sacramento were third in the $8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m class week one and had fourth place finishes in the $30,000 Ruby et Violette WEF Challenge Cup, also held during week one, as well as the $50,000 CSI 2* Grand Prix week three.

Luis Larrazabal and G&C Sacramento. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

G&C Farm’s professional riders weren’t the only ones to emerge victorious from the 2013 FTI WEF. Two generations of Mirabal family members also collected top prizes during the show season.

Carolina Mirabal and G&C Leroy competed in the $1,500 Animo USA Medium Amateur-Owner Jumper series and concluded the FTI WEF with a second place win during week twelve. The pair also came in third in the class during week nine.

Carolina Mirabal and G&C Leroy. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

Maria Emilia Mirabal and G&C Connie finished second in the highly competitive Hollow Creek Medium Junior Jumpers during week ten. Victoria Mirabal piloted Bayview Hi-Hope to a Walk/Trot Championship during week nine and consistently picked up high ribbons alongside Andrea Mirabal and Hat Trick.

Maria Emilia Mirabal and G&C Connie. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

G&C Farm was thrilled to once again take part in the FTI Consulting Great Charity Challenge. This year, G&C Farm supported Team College for Kids-Take Stock in Children and ultimately finished in second place. The team, comprised of Maria Emilia, Carolina, and Larrazabal, earned $125,000 for College for Kids-Take Stock in Children.

The Mirabal team in their second place presentation at the 2013 FTI Consulting Great Charity Challenge. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

In addition to G&C Farm in the U.S., there were also G&C Farm horses showing in Europe. Gustavo Arroyo piloted G&C Jartrum to first place in the 7-Year-Old 1.35m Jumpers at the Sunshine Tour in Spain. They were also double clear in the Seven-Year-Old 1.40m Jumpers and placed ninth. Arroyo and G&C Quitador Rochelais were fifth in the Mini Grand Prix 1.40m-1.45m after a double clear performance.

At the Oliva CSI in Spain, Arroyo and G&C Jartrum won the “Best Seven-Year-Old” Award at the show after won two qualifying classes as well as the Seven-Year-Old Jumper Classic.

The Mirabal family celebrating Victoria’s and Andrea’s success. Photo © ManciniPhotos.

G&C Farm will show next at the ESP Spring Circuit in Wellington before traveling to the Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows in May. Larrazabal and Bluman will continue to show at the top competitions in the United States with trainer Helio Pessoa, while Rodrigo Pessoa will take five G&C horses to Europe to compete. Gustavo and Carolina Mirabal will join him in Europe with G&C Omerta and G&C Leroy to compete in amateur classes in Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Chantilly on the Global Champions Tour circuit.

In addition to showing, G&C Farm will continue to sponsor equestrian sport during the year. They sponsor the $50,000 G&C Farm Leading Rider Bonus during the Spruce Meadows summer tournaments as well as the Leading Rider Award at the Gucci Masters event in Paris. Sponsorship returns to Florida in December for the Holiday & Horses Show CSI-W in Wellington for the G&C Farm 1.45m Classic, a Longines FEI World Ranking class.

G&C Farm would also like to congratulate the 2013 winners of G&C sponsored events at the FTI WEF:

Winners of the $75,000 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by G&C Farm
United States- Laura Kraut and Cedric (Cherry Knoll Farm, Inc.), Beezie Madden and Simon (Abigail Wexner), Reed Kessler and her own Cylana, and Kent Farrington and Uceko (RCG Farm)

Winner of the $10,000 G&C Farm Puissance
Unex Valente, Ted Gredley, Unex Competition Yard

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Solerina, Shane Sweetnam, Sweet Oak Farm
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Teirra, Alise Oken, Hi Hopes Farm, LLC

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Carlotta Singular, Conor Swail, Susan Grange
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
V, Katie Prudent, Michael Smith

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Zidane, Peter Wylde, Windward Farm & Jessica Siuda
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Vindicat W, Laura Kraut, Stone Hill Farm

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Heracross, Nick Skelton
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Capall Zidane, Ronan McGuigan

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Zidane Peter Wylde, Windward Farm & Jessica Siuda
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Everlychin de Pomme, Shane Sweetnam, Spy Coast Farm, LLC

$33,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Quality Girl, Todd Minikus, Todd Minikus, Ltd.
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Valdato, Beezie Madden, Trelawny Farm, LLC

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Twister, Darragh Kenny, Cavallo Farms, LLC
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Hermine 44, Paul Halpern, Kamine and the Fisher Families

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Domingo, Daniel Deusser, Stephex Stables
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Venus, Marilyn Little, Ralyn Farms, Inc.
$33,000 G&C Farm 1.45m Classic
Super Trooper de Ness, McLain Ward, Grant Road Partners

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Domingo, Daniel Deusser, Stephex Stables
$33,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Ohlala, Lauren Hough, The Ohlala Group

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Brooklyn Blues, Alexandra Paillot, Carol Sollak
$33,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Quiet Easy 4, Ben Maher, Mrs. Emma Phillips

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Radio City, Wilton Porter, Sleepy P Ranch, LLC
$33,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Wang Chung M2S, Eric Lamaze, Morningside Stud and Torrey Pines Stable

$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m
Radio City, Wilton Porter, Sleepy P Ranch, LLC
$33,000 FEI G&C Farm 1.45m
Ohlala, Lauren Hough, The Ohlala Group

For more information on G&C Farm, please visit their website at www.gandcfarm.com, like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

G&C Farm brings exceptional horses and top jumper riders to the highest levels of competition. Their state-of-the-art, full-service facility is located in Wellington, FL.

The vision of G&C Farm is to improve the instruction and training of their top jumper riders and horses in order to seek a place at all high level tournaments and top competitions, including the World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games. G&C Farm sponsors Olympic gold medalist Rodrigo Pessoa, as well as other up-and-coming riders.

Photo Credit: Photos © ManciniPhotos, Vvalenti – The Book LLC, and Mark Astrom. These photos may be used only in relation to this press release and must include photo credit.