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Lexington, KY – April 28, 2015 – Equis Boutique added a new element of competition to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event this year, awarding the “Best Presented Horse” designation at the final FEI horse inspection, which had an incredible number of spectators at more than 1,500. After FEI judges evaluated the overall turnout of both horse and rider during the jog, Kristin Schmolze (USA) and Ballylaffin Bracken received the honor.

IMG_7359Kristin Schmolze accepting her award from Cesar Hirsch of Equis Boutique. Photo by Betsy Whiteman

In cooperation with Equis Boutique partner Kentucky Horsewear, Schmolze was awarded a selection of Kentucky Horsewear products and barn accessories, as well as a commemorative silver trophy during the Winners’ Champagne Celebration on Sunday.

For Schmolze, the award was a surprise, but well-deserved. “He is a stunning horse,” said Schmolze of her charge. “At 17.2 hands, he’s a very elegant, eye-catching type and is pretty well-known for being good looking. He was a stallion until he was five, so he has that big, gorgeous neck.”

While Schmolze had the ride, she wasn’t shy about giving credit to Ballylaffin Bracken’s groom Sara Calverley. A working student for Schmolze over the past yer, Calverley recently took on full-time responsibilities at Kristin Schmolze Eventing and was celebrating her first-ever Rolex appearance as groom.

IMG_0308More than 1,5000 spectators observed the FEI Horse Inspection at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.

After impressing judges at the jog, Schmolze and 15 year-old Irish Sport Horse Ballylaffin Bracken, or Rox as he’s called around the barn, finished 30th and pocketed experience in yet another four-star event.

“Any four-star is a huge accomplishment, but to go to Kentucky is special and I am so grateful that I got to compete again. To come out and have a happy horse who jumped around great makes it a success,” she said. “You work so hard to get to this level and it’s nice to see recognition for the many parts of what goes into competition.”

Equis Boutique was thrilled with the success of their sponsorship and vendor booth in their first year at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Equis partners, including Manfredi, Parlanti, Anna Scarpati, Kingsland Equestrian, Kentucky Horsewear, and Dy’on were available at the Equis Boutique Booth in the Sponsor Village. In addition, Equis offered a selection of imported bits and Official FEI Merchandise.

After successful debut seasons at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida, and HITS Horse Shows in Ocala, Florida, Equis Boutique was proud to sponsor prestigious championships like FEI World Cup™ Finals and the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event this spring. They will soon announce their summer horse show location schedule.

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