Wellington, FL – April 1, 2013 – Equestrian Connect, the one-minute horse show entry service, is pleased to announce new features for its online entry service, as well as a significant increase in the number of horses shows across the country that are now accepting entries submitted electronically through the service.

Equestrian Connect has simplified the initial set up process, enabling account holders to set up their entry data more quickly and easily.  And, the service now offers a more complete entry process – allowing exhibitors to select extra stalls, paddocks, RV requirements and other items. 

Equestrian Connect posts entry forms for over 800 USEF A/AA shows in the US, and over 30 select shows in Canada.  Those have been available since 2010, when the service was rolled out nationally.  In spring 2012, Equestrian Connect began partnering with horse show managers to enable exhibitors to submit their entries electronically.  Now, the company offers electronic submissions to over 250 horse shows, predominantly in zones 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10, and up from 130 shows last year.  The Devon Horse Show in May is one of the latest to be added the growing lists, which includes shows managed by Blenhieim Equisports, the Classic Company, the Hampton Classic, HITS,  the Jumper Classic, Langer Equestrian,  the Pin Oak Charity Show and Rush Management.

More and more exhibitors are finding they can save time and money by using Equestrian Connect’s service, which now has over 9,000 members.  Reyhan Haunert of Tristar Farms in Del Mar, CA, is one exhibitor that actually tracked his costs to complete their entries by hand.  Haunert, along with his wife Nicole and father Paul, bring 30 horses on average to a given show.

Haunert originally used Equestrian Connect to fill out entries online through a free trial offer.  When the time came to pay for the service, he wasn’t sure of the cost benefits.  So Haunert kept track of all of his costs, from paper, envelopes, and labels, to ink cartridges and postage. “While the costs added up, filling out the entries by hand was also harder and more time consuming,” Haunert remembered. “I didn’t realize how much time it takes to fill out 30 entries for every horse show.”

By doing a cost justification report, Haunert was able to show how exactly how much money Equestrian Connect saved him. “Not only was it a lot cheaper, the convenience was ridiculously easy!” Haunert remarked. “It’s so much easier to keep track of all of our entries; everything is on record. I don’t have to worry about clients who decide at the last minute that they want to go to shows and the post office is closed. Now I can email my entries and it’s still in to the show office on the same day, which is really nice. “

Haunert paid for the service and started using Equestrian Connect again this year for the HITS Thermal circuit. When he saw a friend from Canada filling out paper entries at the horse show this winter, he told her about Equestrian Connect and how the service would be worth it. “I was the third person to tell her that!” he said.

Equestrian Connect’s web-based entry service works with PCs, Macs, iPads and smart phones.

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