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Wellington, FL – August 27, 2014 – has released its latest set of new and improved features, with the most exciting development being the capability to generate print and mail entries directly from users’ account. In addition to the show entry feature, will now enable users to store video content as well sync invoices created on with a QuickBooks™ account. is an easy-to-use barn management software that provides users with the ability to provide their horses with the highest standard of care. With a account, users create detailed horse profiles to track medical records, training programs, manage their calendar, and more. Information is stored safely and securely in the Cloud, making a permanent record of a barn’s information that cannot be stolen, misplaced, or lost.

Founder Nicole Lakin stated, “The most important part of what we do is listening to the feedback of our users and creating solutions for their problems and offering the best and most innovative features that we can dream up. Barnmanager is built for our users, so it only makes sense that you should have a say in how it works. We want your life to be easier, so every feature that we create aims to simplify and hopefully improve the many responsibilities that fall to the barn manager.”

For the new show entry features, users will be able to create entries directly from their accounts for only $1 per entry, which will be automatically charged to their credit card on file. Entries for most prominent horse shows in the United States and Canada are already on file, and users can request entries for any show they would like to enter. All of the information needed for show entries is already stored securely in a user’s account.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our Show Entry software. Because all of the horse, owner and rider information is already stored in your Barnmanager account, it seemed like a natural extension to offer preloaded show entries. Our goal was to make the process of filling out entries simpler and less time consuming than ever. Time is one of the most valuable things a barn manager has, and our show entries will save users loads of time,” Lakin said. “The entries are pre-filled with all of the information that is already loaded into your account, so you just have to scroll through and enter anything extra. Then you simply print, sign and mail, all for $1 per horse, per show. This is a really exciting new tool, and we hope that our users love it as much as we do!”

Simplify your show entries with forms already on

Simplify your show entries with forms already on

Thanks to the new video upload features, users will be able to keep meticulous documentation of lameness issues with any horse in their barn. In addition to allowing users to store videos for medical purposes, users can also upload competition videos to track their horses’ progress and offer a place for sponsors to view all of their recent performances.

“The new video uploading feature offers our users so many new opportunities. Not only can you store and view an unlimited number of videos through your Barnmanager account, you can also publish them to the homepage to share with non-account members at any time. With this option, sponsors, family members and friends can view your videos without gaining access to your full account. And they can find your videos with a simple keyword search on the BarnManager.comhome page,” Lakin explained.

Erin Everett, barn manager for Amalaya Investments and top show jumper Meagan Nusz, is one of’s users that requested the video feature. Everett started using this winter.

She noted, “I requested the video feature because this year at the Winter Equestrian Festival, there was no video for Meagan’s parents to watch. I video every class, so I thought it would be cool to be able to have something on where her parents could easily see the videos each day. It is also really useful when we are in Europe because a lot of the shows don’t have video access. The video feature will help Meagan be able to easily access videos so she can review her rounds, without having to go through all of the videos on the camera. This feature will definitely help my barn!”


Upload videos for veterinary use or competition records - share a link for anyone to view.

Upload videos for veterinary use or competition records – share a link for anyone to view.

A dedicated user of, Everett loves that she can easily share the information on her account with her whole team. “It keeps everyone on the same page and also helps to keep everyone feeling actively involved with each horse. I also love that if you have questions, Nicole is personally involved so you can email directly to her for help,” she said.

The third new feature added recently is syncing invoices. users will be able to sync their QuickBooks™ account with the invoice function on, saving them time and further ensuring accurate financial records.

“We created an invoicing option as well as an easy export option for users who use QuickBooks™ or other accounting software. This better allows bookkeepers and accountants to keep track of the expenses of their riders and managers as they travel with the horses,” Lakin said. “It will eliminate a great deal of confusion as well as an annoying paper trail. Users can even upload pictures of receipts from any mobile device to avoid carrying around (and possibly losing) receipts on the road.”

Keep track of invoices and sync your billing with  QuickBooks!

Keep track of invoices and sync your billing with QuickBooks!

As with every feature, the amount of information shared by users is completely customizable, allowing content to be shared with as many or as few people as preferred by the account holder.

Along with new features users and those interested in finding out more can read the recently added BarnManager blog.This blog will serve as a forum for equine enthusiasts to speak freely about their work, offer help and advice to one another, share their stories, and ultimately remind us that we are all drawn together by a common love and dedication to horses.

I want to provide a place for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to speak on a public stage to feel safe and comfortable enough to express themselves. There are so many incredible people in the equine industries who have fascinating stories to tell. And we hope to share them with you,” Lakin said.

Look for blog posts from some of the top riders in the United States and Canada using as they travel all over the world, and contact if you have any idea for a blog post. continues to provide innovative solutions to make barn manager’s lives easier.’s barn management software allows users to provide the highest level of care for their horses by eliminating the disorganized paper trail that plagues many barns. For more information, visit, or visit for video tutorials.

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