Who We Are

Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. is a comprehensive public relations and marketing firm for the equestrian industry.

Our objective is to create a customized public relations plan to help companies reach their goals.

Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. can produce a customized plan that is tailored to your needs for publicity, media relations, and marketing in the equestrian industry. Public relations can include press releases, editorial placement, social media management, and more. While public relations can help educate and inform the public about your product or service, marketing tools can be used to further target your specific audience, making sure you are using the right approach to reach current and potential clients, and showing how your company can provide value to customers. Building strong customer relationships is a key component in the partnership between Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. and our clients.

Public relations includes numerous specifics, including Press Releases, Editorial Pitching and Writing, Interview Booking, and Copywriting. As a strategic communication process, PR through Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. can help build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Many of the press releases sent out by Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. are picked up by local media as well as national and international equestrian publications and websites. Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. can also offer incredible exposure through PRWeb, as well as full analytics for press releases.

Advertising Calendars, Design, and Consulting, along with Logo Design, Branding, and Media Trades are all part of how Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. can help your company increase awareness in the industry. For events, media trades are a useful way to have complimentary relationships with publications and websites.

Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. can serve as your go-between for sponsors at your event or for your riders, as well as for your company’s sponsorship of other events. As a past sponsor liaison for Double H Farm and G&C Farm, Jennifer Wood Media handled their sponsorship at events such as the Winter Equestrian Festival, Adequan FEI North American Junior Young Rider Championships, Gucci Paris Masters, Live Oak International, Spruce Meadows, and American Gold Cup. In addition, Jennifer Wood Media can help promote your farm’s sponsors.

Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. has experience managing press rooms and serving as the press officer for major events such as the Winter Equestrian Festival, Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Capital Challenge Horse Show, and Washington International Horse Show. We assist equestrian and local media, organize and run press conferences, manage and distribute press credentials, and serve as an official representative at events to the media.

Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. can help your company produce a consistent and relevant plan for social media posts that will help increase followers and feedback on your sites. We can start social media pages on outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The goal is to grow these pages through posts, links, photos, videos, and contests to make them a viable way to build industry and community impact, gain new fans, and spread information.

As a full-service PR and Marketing company, Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. will help maximize the exposure of your company and the return that you can get through thoughtful, consistent publicity. We are always looking for new, inventive ways to accomplish this and are open to your needs.